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World’s Best Metal Clad Switchgear; the Falcon Metal Clad is at 2022 FIFA World Cup!

Elimsan’s Falcon Series Metal Clad Switchgears were used in energy distribution systems of Khalifa Stadium where 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place.

Qatar targets to decrease the share of oil and gas sector on its economy which now represents 60% and weigh more on sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, finance, trade and tourism. In line with Qatar National Vision 2030 development plan announced in 2008 and with the impetus of 2022 FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar, there have been many big scale investments like a new international airport, railroad and subway lines, construction of new roads and residential districts. Of course all of these investments need energy distribution systems for infrastructure. At this point, Elimsan’s Turkish R&D design engineers developed Falcon Metal Clad Series that faultlessly fulfill Kahramaa’s globally toughest technical requirements.

Compact Design, Advanced Technology, High Performance

Compact designed Falcon Series Metal Clad Switchgear revealed superior performance with all of its OEM’s under high temperatures and desert conditions. Switchgears are designed to be compatible with IEC and ANSI standard requirements, tested in KEMA and CESI Laboratories for internal arch resistance based on these standards and certified.


Elimsan is the Market Leader in Qatar

As an approved manufacturer company that can globally fulfill the requirements of Kahramaa, Elimsan has become the indisputable leader of Qatar market with cutting edge Falcon Series Metal Clad Switchgears. After engaging Kahramaa’s EP-MS-P4/S2-082 project, the product has been used in infrastructure electricity distribution systems of many important projects carried out in Qatar.


One of the most important projects is without a doubt the Khalifa Stadium which will host 2022 FIFA World Cup matches. Falcon Series Metal Clad Switchgears were used for energy distribution systems of the Stadium that will be in the spotlight. Already a special design, the product provides connection with switchgears through additional high end fiber optic cables. Elimsan successfully provided all the needs of its customer and enabled a technology beyond expectations. A total of 67 switchgears including Transformer Feeding Switchgear, Incoming/Outgoing Switchgear and Busbar Coupling Switchgear types were engaged for the project.

Besides the Stadium, Falcon Series Metal Clad Switchgears were also used for energy distribution systems at Lusail where construction and infrastructure development work continues to make this giant event operate faultlessly. 140 Switchgears were used in this project including Transformer Feeding Switchgear and Incoming/Outgoing Switchgear types.