Sf6 Load Breaker

Sf6 Gas Insulated Load Breaker

Produced with Elimsan’s perfect engineering and innovative technology, the SF 6 Gas Insulated Switch Disconnector has successfully passed ICMET Lab tests with 60265-1, 62271-200 standards and gained a seat in the global market as a component with its indisputable quality. A superior feature of the SF6 Gas Insulated Switch Disconnector is that the earthing switch inside the disconnector has a turn off feature in case of a short circuit. Plus, as to guarantee perfect sit, the “spring weighed” system is capable of providing operational safety. Disconnector’s SF6 gas filled part can endure temporary high pressures which may occur while running and all the devices have a sealed pressure system that won’t need a gas boost for its 20 years of working life.


SF6 gas is pure, inactive, non toxic and chemically stable.

Environment friendly.

Dielectric strenght of SF6 is 89kV/cm at 1 bar pressure. This shows that the dielectric strength is threefolds compared to air.

Has perfect heat transfer and it is non combustable.

SF6 Gas is an advantage against any arc flash danger which may be the result of a false maneuver or a device malfunction.


  • IEC 60265-1
  • IEC 62271-200

Fields of Application

SF6 Gas Insulated Load Breaker has successfully passed ICMET Lab tests with 62271-104 standards and are safely used in Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears at medium voltage distribution systems, generator buildings, industrial plants and factories, organized industrial zones, power plants, transformer buildings and in concrete kiosks.





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