Metal Enclosed Switchgears

TG-21 Series

TG 21 Series – Our Technologic Power in the 21st Century

Produced at international standards through perfect engineering and innovative technology, Elimsan Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears have cost minimizing features such as compact and ergonomic design, easy to install features, maximum operator safety, remote control feature, ICMET and CESI type certified metal enclose and its possibilty to expand. Our product always meets the need with its flexible design that fits to different projects.


Expansion facility to right and left through

Modular design

Maximum operator safety, Ease of montage

Type tested metal sheath

Ease of carriage and storage

Shortness of montage time

High security level

Production at international standart


  • IEC 62271-200

Fields of Application

Providing flexible solutions to projects with its innovative technological structure that ranges from 12 kV to 36 kV, its perfect engineering knowledge and vast experience; Elimsan’s Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears have a wide area of use. Our product has successfully proved its success in global markets and it is safely used at medium voltage distribution systems, generator buildings, industrial plants and factories, organized industrial zones, power plants, transformer buildings and in concrete kiosks.


Technical Information

Incoming / Outgoing Cubicles

TG21-01 Incoming/Outgoing Cubicle with SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

TG21-02 Incoming/Outgoing Cubicle with SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker

TG21-17 Incoming/Outgoing Cubicle with SF6 Gas Disconnector

Transformer Protection Cubicles

TG21-02T Transformer Protection Cubicle with SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker

TG21-14 Transformer Protection Cubicle (with 3 Phase Tripping) with Load Break Switch

TG21-15 Voltage Transformer Cubicle With Disconnector

Metering Cubicles

TG21-11 Metering Cubicle

TG21-13 Metering Cubicle with SF6 Gas Load Break Switch

TG21-16 Metering Cubicle with SF6 Gas Disconnector

Bus Coupling Cubicles

TG21-04 Bus Coupling Cubicle With SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker & Double Disconnector

TG21-19 Bus Coupling Cubicle with SF6 Gas Disconnector

Other Cubicles

TG21-20 Parafudr Cubicle

Product Catalogue


Asyaport Port Management Project
İstanbul 3rd Airport Project
3rd Bosphorus Bridge Project
Emel Solar Power Plant
Samanalı Tunnel
İzmit Gulf Transit Bridge
Tüpraş Dock Project
Gebze-İzmir Highway Project
STFA Derince Project
Seka Public Hospital
Karaman Biogas Bio Mass Project
Antalya Treatment Facility
Isparta Hydro Electric Plant
İstanbul Viaport Hotel
Erzurum Organized Industrial Zone


Albania / Elte Energy
Algeria / Sarl Groupe Riadh El Feth
Azerbaijan / Doğu Elektrik A.Ş.
Georgia / Özgen Grup
İran / Iran Transfo Subs. Dev.
Iraq / Emta A.Ş.
Kenya / Engineering Man.
Madagascar / Toreks Elektrik
Mauretania / Optimum & Al Enerji
Nigeria / Ak-Ay Elektrik
Palestine / Intermed Company
Sudan / Ar Elektrik
Turkmenistan / Maksat Annoniyozov Pasport
Ukraine / Soyuz Kontinent
Vietnam / Vietnam Energy
Paraguay / Siemi SRL
Peru / Epli Sac
Chile / Ch Transformadores