Human Resources

Jobs & Careers.

Elimsan Şalt Cihazları ve Elektromekanik Sanayi ve Tic. A. Ş. is a long-established organization that cares for nature and human. As a customer oriented producer, we devoted ourselves to provide best and flawless products on time. We aim to positively contribute to our employees, partners and society while doing so.

Elimsan has a culture that cares openness, transparency, empathy and individuality as much as totality. Mutual trust is the base principle of our relations with customers, internal communication, suppliers and investors.

Our top priority is the safety of our employees in our technology base which puts the passion for quality and innovative products first. Elimsan has always implemented policies and practices focused on the maximum value for environment and occupational safety, became entitled to get ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate after the examines of TSE in 3007.2003 and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in 2011.

We are aware that the single condition for success is to have customer focused business models and bear in mind that customer satisfaction is relevant with employee prosperity. This is why, through the management notion which adopt constant progress in every field, Elimsan develops projects to support our most valuable source; our employees. We enable our employees to plan their promising careers starting from recruitment. Our goal is to work with those willing to support us to become a model and a strong brand in the sector.

Open Positions

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Our Employee Profile

Total number of employees : 515
White collar employees : 114
University Graduates : 66
Engineers : 48
Blue collar employees : 401

Employment Procedure

Elimsan determines candidates that are eligible for the values and the culture of the organization and employ them based on their accord.

Personnel request received by our Human Resources Department is taken into an assessment in coordination with the related department manager. Then position criterion are set to find the most eligible candidate that fits the values, culture, strategies of our organization and the requirements of the position. Our Human Resources Department evaluates the applicant pools consisting of suggestions received via email, website applications and internal sources. If no suitable candidates are available, then a job advertisement is announced on the internet. After the assessment of incoming applications, right candidates are invited for an interview. Human Resources Department evaluate candidates based on their eligibility for the values and the culture of our organization and Department Managers also evaluate whether they are able to meet the requirements of the position. Approved candidate is called for a final interview and meet with Human Resources Manager.


All new personnel started working in Elimsan goes through on-the-job and orientation trainings and every blue collar employee is trained for Occupational Health and Safety within the first week of their job start. OHS training is provided for all personnel annually.

Our employees go through an individual performance and potential assessment and liable to participate in all trainings dedicated to improve the requirements of the job position, specific training and education needs, skill based trainings and the trainings to increase the performance and efficiency. Within this framework, internal and external training programs are developed annually in alignment with the requests of department managers and to fulfill the necessities that Human Resources Department identifies.

Performance Assessment

All white collar employees in Elimsan go through a 180 degrees performance assessment process. This application enables to reflect different perspectives about the performance of the employee and to assess performance in every aspect. Performance Assessment Forms are provided by Human Resources Department and given to the employer to be assessed, to the chief and a colleague from the same department and after the forms are filled, they are handed out to Human Resources on the specified date. Reports of Human Resources after the assessment are presented to the General Manager and this finalizes the assessment process.


Elimsan evaluates internship applications in order to increase personal knowledge and abilities of university and high school students and to train candidates that fit potential labor force employment. Students who join Elimsan for internship have the opportunity to learn about Elimsan and its business models as well as shaping their careers in Elimsan.

Work Order

Working hours per week at Elimsan is 45 hours. Our white collar employees work for 5 days in a week from Monday to Friday between 08:00-18:00 and our blue collar employees have different shifts based on their departments, having their weekends in alignment with the shift order.