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Elimsan’s Metal Enclosed Switchgear Was Preferred For Energy Distribution Solutions Of The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge

Elimsan’s Metal Enclosed Switchgears brought advanced technology and expert engineering to third Bosphorus Bridge. Construction of the bridge is now completed and has approximately 115 kilometers of highway and link roads between Odayeri and Paşaköy. Named after Sultan Selim the Stern, it is a suspension bridge with the reputation of being the world’s highest tower. Outcome of expert engineering and technology, the bridge was constructed with the partnership of IC İçdaş and Astaldi (ICA). Among the very few outstanding bridges of the world with its aesthetics and technical features, the project approved Elimsan’s Metal Enclosed Swithgears and Elimsan Monobloc Concrete Kiosks after Directorate General for Highways’ preference.


Elimsan’s Metal Enclosed Switchgears always shines out by being one of the best Switchgears of the world with its highly secure structure, advanced technology and the flexibility it provides to projects and has quality certificates for all components, received after successfully completing CESI and ICMET lab tests. The product was designed and developed by Turkish engineers and produced at Elimsan’s superior technology park within Total Quality Concept.

Reliable Quality, Easy to Operate

High end Metal Enclosed Switchgears were used in 4 types: Load Seperator Input/Output, SF6 Gas-Blast Circuit Breaker, Transformer Protection and Measurement Switches, having 36kV rated voltage and 1250A rated voltage. Switchgears have an integrated Scada system and an ergonomic design which enables modification for Project with its easy dismantle functions. It is a world wide preffered product thanks to its secure locking systems, easy installation and remote control features.

Our Metal Enclosed Switchgears have electrostatic powder coated (RAL 7032) metal structure, 100% Elimsan designed protection and measurement transformers as well as ELimsan SF& Gas-Blast Breakers which are always preferred for their high number of switching performance and low maintenance requirements.


System Guarantee with Highly Secure Structure

Elimsan Monobloc Concrete Kiosks secures energy distribution centers of the bridge anda re used as Prefabricated Substations. Switchgears proved their durability against earthquake, tough climate and environment conditions with ICMET tests compatible with IEC standards and are certified to protect switchgears and other medium voltage distribution components within the product. Elimsan’s Monobloc Concrete Kiosks have maximum operator safety and provides effective space use by tailor size and color production while offers total solutions with easy installation features.

Elimsan’s Metal Enclosed Switchgears were also preferred for Izmit Bay Bridge that is linked to the 3rd. Bridge. They are still safely in use at big transport projects such as Samanlı Tunnel, Izmir/Konak Tunnels, Artvin Tunnels, Dorukhan Tunnel, 3rd. Airport and Asyaport Harbor.