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Elimsan Metal Enclosed Switchgears are at Metropol Istanbul..

Constructed by Varyap and Gap İnşaat on a 800.000 m² area with 250 meters of height making it one of the tallest buildings of Europe, Elimsan’s TG 21 Series Metal Enclosed Switchgears took part in Metropol Istanbul Project’s medium voltage energy distribution system.


Elimsan Metal Enclosed Switchgears and all components are under the Total Quality Concept and meet IEC standards, all manufactured at Elimsan’s fully equipped technology base. Certified at CESI and ICMET laboratories for quality, the product has a global popularity.


Load Disconnector Incoming/Outgoing Switchgears, SF6 Gas Blast Incoming/Outgoing Switchgears Load disconnecting Measurement Switchgears; a total of 77 Elimsan Metal Enclosed Switchgears were used for the mega project. Every component including load disconnector, SF6 gas blast circuit breaker and the transformers were manufactured at Elimsan Technology Base. Components of Elimsan MV Panels, HV Load Disconnectors and Kiosks are popular in both local and global markets.