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Elimsan High Voltage Disconnector Was The Center of Attention at Nigeria Power Exhibition

Favored in many countries with its highly secure structure, easy operating system, mechanical systems, lockings and high quality materials; Elimsan High Voltage Disconnector attracted great attention during the exhibition.

Young yet one of the most prestigious and largest exhibitions of the energy sector in the Africa continent, Nigeria Power Exhibition took place at the city of Lagos in Nigeria on 27-29 September 2016. Among the attendants were government officials, energy companies, energy source specialists, project developers, academicians, consultants, engineers and export specialists. Elimsan was present at the exhibition in booth number 1G10 presenting Elimsan High Voltage Disconnector.


Solid Structure, High Safety

Not a follower but a producer of technology, Elimsan’s High Voltage Disconnector Product Portfolio has Center Break, Pantograph, Vertical Break and Double Break types. Products have leakproof properties up to 525kV rated voltage and stainless steel option. Every single disconnector can provide different integrated solutions to specific projects with their quality, durability and different current and voltage ratings.

A common feature of the products is that all products have proven operating safety on IEC standards against harsh climate conditions such as heavy icing, high temperatures or humidity plus  where seismic activities are frequent.

Just like all other Elimsan products, High Voltage Disconnectors are tested at 17025 accreditation certified Elimsan High Voltage Laboratories as well as globally acknowledged KEMA and CESI labs.

Solution Partnership with Nigeria for More Than 10 Years

Having a great potential with its population and natural resources, Nigeria has become the greatest economy of Africa continent surpassing the Republic of South Africa. The greatest challenges of the state led economy are the issues on electricity production, transmission and distribution.

Since 2006, Elimsan has brought solutions to solve Nigeria’s problems completely and shed light on their search for new and advanced technology.


Projects initially began with using Elimsan High Voltage Disconnector but now our Metal Clad Switchgears and Modular products take their place as well. Elimsan products are widely preferred at Nigeria market and all the maintenance and repair needs are taken care of by Elimsan Maintenance and Repair Services.