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Elimsan Center Break Type HV Disconnectors are Preferred at the Tanzania Market As Well

  • February 16, 2017

After HV Disconnector exports to Africa continent and especially to Nigeria, Elimsan rapidly penetrated to the Tanzania market. Starting procedures of Center Break Type HV Disconnectors were completed last month and on site trainings were provided by Elimsan Technical Service.


Tanzania is the biggest country of East Africa with its population and land area. It’s economy is based on agriculture, mining and tourism. The country has rich gold mines and a great amount of gas reserves are detected. Tanzania has become the best performing economy in the last 10 years at sub-Sahara Africa with 7% growth rate.

Energy sector of Tanzania is domestic focused and undeveloped. Electricity operations are carried out by TANESCO public institution. Power cuts hinder the development of other sectors so new investments are made with government incentives. 400 kV Substations at Iringa, Dodoma, Singida and Shinyanga projects done by TANESCO are examples of these new investments.


Projects will significantly contribute to the modernization and development of energy infrastructure in Tanzania. Elimsan Center Break Type HV Disconnectors were preferred for the energy transmission systems of powerplants and step down transformer stations. Our disconnectors are a global choice with highly secure structure, low maintenance need, easy operation features, mechanical systems, lockings, high quality materials and economic use of the product. Because quality and secure using of the the product in areas  with harsh climates such as severe icing, high temperatures or humidity is proved by type tests made at Elimsan High Voltage Laboratories on IEC standards with accreditation certificate number 17025 and also at globally acknowledged KEMA and CESI Laboratories on 62271-102, 60694 and 62271-1 standards.


For high voltage electricity transmission solutions of the step down transformer station projects which bears a crucial importance in Tanzania, Elimsan Technical Service completed the necessary on site trainings required for the installation of almost 100 sets of 245 kV Center Break Disconnectors  (with and without) Earthing Switches.

24/7 on duty, Elimsan Technical Service provides rapid solutions for testing and starting up, scheduled maintenance and repair services upon demand, minimizes high cost and guarantees energy continuity as well as operational security of its customers.

Besides the Africa continent, Elimsan has exported a number of High Voltage Disconnectors with different types to Far East, Europe and Near East.