We engineer, we assure.

Over the years, Elimsan has gained global recognition for its Design, Production, Supply and Installation, Quality and Innovative power products capabilities and is determined to meet the worldwide Electric Power Transmission and Distribution demands.

Elimsan Was Founded in 1980 in Turkey For Manufacturing Electrical Equipments.

Established in 1980 to produce medium voltage switchgears, Elimsan is in a position today that is one the most powerful organizations in our country with its senior production capacity, technology and experience. Placing a great importance to innovation and R&D, Elimsan is among the leading names of the sector by not following but making innovations. A vision to provide unconditional customer satisfaction and principals to achieve perfection in every product as well as aiming international success brought Elimsan beyond its corporate targets.

Our Products

To meet the needs of our customers, we are working on our products with passion.


For continuity of your transmission and distribution systems.

Our History

History of Elimsan; From a workshop to becoming global player.